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Player Props (Player Specials) – betting on the achievements, statistical performance and efficiency of athletes. 1Win accepts bets on points, assists, rebounds, interceptions, saves, penalties and other events. Compared to betting on the winner and totals, these outcomes offer higher odds and winnings.

Understanding Props Betting

Athlete performance betting allows you to bet on the performances of specific athletes. Depending on the sport, approaches and marquee options can vary.

For Indian 1Win users, cricket betting is of particular interest to Indian users. Within the discipline, they can choose from a huge variety of options, including:

  • Runs scored: a bet on the batsman scoring more than 40-50 runs in a match;
  • Outs: a bet on the number of successful outs made by the athlete;
  • Taken Wickets: a prediction that the bowler will take more than 3 wickets.

Selecting a bet requires not only knowledge of the peculiarities of the discipline, but also attention to the current form and psychological state of the athlete.

1Win offers an extensive range of bets on individual performance in football, cricket, basketball, tennis and other sports. Moreover, the depth and variation of the coverage depends on the status and popularity of the match.

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Popular Markets in Player Props Betting

Player Specials betting offers unique opportunities to analyse and predict the results of competitions based on the performance of individual athletes. 1Win endeavours to meet the needs of the Asian audience by accepting bets on totals, hitting a set interval, comparing the results of two or more athletes.

Betting on Total: Over/Less than Set Value

Betting on total is a prediction on whether a particular score will be above or below a suggested value. In cricket, they relate to the number of runs a batsman will score in a match. For example, if Rohit Sharma is expected to score more than 45 runs in a match, a player can bet on ‘over’ or ‘under’ this value.

Range Betting: Hitting the Target Interval

In this case, a bet is placed on whether the athlete’s result will fall within a certain range of values. For example, a bowler may be predicted to take between 2 and 4 wickets in a match.

Comparisons: Which Athlete Will Perform Best on a Set Point

This type of bet offers a choice between two or more athletes. That is, the punter has to guess which of them will perform better on a certain indicator in a single event. For example, who will score more runs in a match: Virat Kohli or Shikhar Dhawan?

Betting on Specific Match Events

1Win has many offers in its arsenal based on specific match events. Betting on whether an athlete will score 100 or more runs in an innings, whether a bowler will take more than 5 wickets, in which overs the first point will be scored and so on.

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In football, it is common to bet on whether a particular player will score a goal, whether someone from the team will get a red card, whether a penalty kick will be awarded. Such bets require the player to analyse the statistics of the teams, the behaviour of athletes in previous matches.

Examples and Analysis of Real Cases

Let’s look at specific examples of how to analyse matches correctly when betting on the performance of athletes.

Virat Kohli Individual Performance Analysis

  • Match: India vs Australia;
  • Athlete: Virat Kohli;
  • Odds: Runs Total over 50.5
  • Odds: 1.85

Virat Kohli is recognised as an outstanding batsman in the international arena. His results against Australia have always been impressive. Given the favourable conditions, the performance of the athlete is expected to be high.

Financial calculations:

  • Bet: 1,000 INR;
  • Possible winnings: 1,850 INR.

But before you place a bet, you need to assess the risks. The Australian team is renowned for their strong bowlers. Which means they could perform better than Virat Kohli.

Analyzing Joph Rarcher’s Performance as a Bowler

  • Match: Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings;
  • Athlete: Joph Rarcher;
  • Bet: Best Bowler;
  • Odds: 3.5.

Jof Rarcher has established himself as one of the top bowlers. His stats against Chennai Super Kings speak for themselves.

Financial calculations:

  • Bet: 1,000 INR;
  • Possible winnings: 3,500 INR.

When assessing the risks and chances of success, one must take into account the possibility of injury, fitness of Chennai Super Kings batsmen and weather conditions.

Pros and Cons of Player Specials Betting

Before you consider betting on the individual performance of athletes, evaluate the pros and cons of player specials betting:

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  • High odds on rare events;
  • In-depth analysis facilitates informed decision making;
  • Less influence of external factors on the outcome;
  • Fluctuation of quotes depending on circumstances;
  • Ability to monetise knowledge of a particular athlete.


  • High risk due to possible injury or substitution of an athlete;
  • Limited selection of athletes and events to bet on.

1Win: Leader in Player Props Betting

1Win is a licensed betting platform that caters to Asian players by offering:

  • A wide selection of Player Props betting. Predictions are accepted on totals, time, performance and other events.
  • High Odds. Competitive odds are offered in betting on cricket, football, tennis and other popular sports.
  • User-friendly interface. The platform has a user-friendly interface and filters to search for matches, tournaments and betting markets.
  • Bonuses and promotions. 1Win rewards for registration, predictions, deposits, offering generous gifts – from freebets to cashback.

Betting on the individual performance of athletes is a great chance to monetise knowledge about sport and the capabilities of athletes. But they come with certain risks. The odds of making correct predictions depend not only on understanding the rules of the game, but also on the ability to analyse a multitude of variables, from the weather to changes in team composition.

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