What Responsibilities Does a PR Manager Have on a Daily Basis?

A PR profession is always evolving and undergoes certain modifications. We are going to see the main responsibilities that you can see in most PR job descriptions in the employment market. The core of public relations is a brand’s promotion by means of media and content.

  1. Building relations with media

As a PR manager, one of your principal responsibilities is to build relationships with the media, which is a long-lasting task. You will need to get engaged with bloggers, influencers, reporters, and journalists. Finding new efficient ways to maximize the audience reach and impact of your earned media.

  1. Developing content strategy

You have to be ready to deal with owned media, which involves writing content for publishing it on various blogs and social media platforms. Your content strategy should be well-planned in advance and discussed with writers, editors, and media contributors.

  1. Monitoring/analyzing the media

All modern public relations experts work in a data-driven business environment. That is why it is necessary to keep monitoring/analyzing your content. You must know how to implement an efficient monitoring planform.

  1. Daily communications

You need to keep in touch with stakeholders in order to develop proper pertinent information to your employees. We recommend you to use several communication channels: emails, Slack, or Basecamp. By acting like this, you will be sure that your message reaches the target audience and motivates people for the desired actions.

  1. Media training

As a PR expert you will need to organize professional training for your executives. Such training is a must-have if you have to keep in touch with the media and work with the press. The PR department is responsible for creating detailed guidelines for communicating with the media/social media.

  1. Building leadership strategy

Leadership is essential in the public relations sphere. You will easily achieve excellent results, if you build a strong leadership strategy for your campaign. You can always engage freelance writers/editors to help you compose motivational content.

  1. Crisis communications

Every PR expert should develop a crisis communications plan in advance. You never know when your company will have to face tough times. So, such a crisis plan will work as a seatbelt that your company should always fasten.

  1. Reporting

Regular reports have to be shared with the team on a regular basis. A PR department is responsible for analyzing/communicating the results with the team members.

  1. Knowledge of meetrics

As a PR expert you are responsible for leveraging PR metrics. They help connect the principal goals of every public relations campaign to the key metrics. It is essential to attend a professional media measurement course in order to be able to fulfill this task with ease.

  1. Organizing public events

We live in a digital era, so you can organize online public events and invite your potential clients to participate in your corporate webinars, conferences, podcasts, and other digital format events. Being online permits you to get a tremendous reach.

  1. Dealing with bloggers and influencers

The future of the media belongs to influencers. The number of professional/beginner influencers is growing. These individuals have a huge readership. They study people’s interests and write posts on their social media channels. Building strong relationships with bloggers and influencers is the key to make your PR campaign successful.

  1. Handling brand’s reputation

The PR department is responsible for a brand’s reputation. You can manage it via different forms of content. You must learn to feel and predict the way people treat the brand, by cultivating positive emotions and associations.

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