Damaad ji web series

Damaad ji | Season-2 Palang Tod | Ullu Web Series Watch Online Full Episode

Watch Damaad ji season 2 Palang Tod Ullu web series online 2022 : Damad Ji season 2 palangtod Ullu web series is a an Indian web series which is releasing on 7th of June 2020 in this articles we will talk about the damad ji web series cast, actress, roles, story, Wiki, release date, and you will also know how to watch full episode online, review and much more.

Damaad ji | Season-2 Ullu’s upcoming web series which is going to be released on 7th June, users are eagerly waiting for this web series, Palang Tod series is quite popular on the OTT platform.

Damaad ji web series

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Watch Online Damaad ji season 2 palang tod Ullu Web Series

Today the famous OT platform Ullu App released the trailer of its upcoming latest web series Damad Ji Season 2 Palang Tod on YouTube at 11 am. At present, Ullu App releases web series every week. Everyone in the world likes Ullu’s web series.

Damd Ji Season 2 Palang Tod is an Indian web series released on the famous Indian OTT platform Ullu App. Damd Ji Season 2 Palang Tod Ullu web series genre is Fantasy, Drama and Romance.

To watch Ullu App Damaad ji web series Season 2, you have to download Ullu App from Play Store. For your information, let us tell you that Ullu App is not free, in this you have to pay subscription charge to watch web series which is fixed by this app.

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Damaad ji season 2 palang tod Story

This is season 2 of the famous ullu web series son-in-law. Last season it was seen that Mohan meets with an accident, for which Kumud calls his mother Ranjana to take care of him. Ranjana and Mohan fall in love and have a physical relationship. A few days later, when Ranjana starts going to her house, she suddenly gets hurt in her leg. Mohan later knows that she doesn’t want to leave his house, she wants to be with him.

This season starts with the love story of Mohan and Ranjana. One day Ranjana and Mohan are having intercourse. Mohan’s friend sees them both. Mohan’s friend blackmails her and says that he too wants to have intercourse with her mother-in-law. Mohan tells this to his mother-in-law Ranjana. Will Ranjana agree to this? To know, watch Ullu web series son-in-law ji season 2.

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Damaad ji web series

Damaad ji season 2 palang tod Cast

Damaad ji season 2 palang tod Over view

According to the story shown in the trailer, this web series is going to be fun and entertaining. Every single web series of Ullu App is exciting and interesting.

People like to watch Ullu web series because of their actresses. Ullu App has always cast top actresses and models in its web series. In this web series, Ullu has cast famous curvy actress Rajsi Verma. If you are 18+ then definitely watch this web series once. Hope you like this web series.

Damaad ji Web Series Full Details

Web Series Name: Damaad ji web series
Type: Web Series
Genre: 18+ Romance
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Streaming On: Ullu
Released On: 7 June 2022

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